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Tags: 4K, Kitchen Setting, Blondes, Brunettes, Clothes Destruction, Catfight Fetish, Lesdom, KO Ending
Unbelievable, Maxine discovers that her sandwich has disappeared from the work fridge and sitting there with a smirk on her face and crumbs all over the plate on front of her, Helen Stephens denies all knowledge but clearly was most likely the culprit. It's as plain as day and she needs to get ready for a beating
Added: February 20, 2020 3.42mins

Frankie Babe

Tags: 4K, Blondes, Brunettes, Satin Dress Catfight, Stockings, Catfight Fetish, Clothes Destruction, KO Ending
Both Frankie Babe and Roxee Couture has been enjoying their night out at the ambassadors ball when things began taking a turn for the worse. both had received compliments about theiar beautiful satin dresses but Frankie accidentally on purpose had spilled a drink all over Roxee's dress and Roxee just had to retaliate
Added: February 13, 2020 4.46mins


Tags: 4K, Brunettes, Clothes Destruction, Catfight Fetish, Ripped Clothing
College favorite, Alicia is surprised and a little shocked to find that her counterpart, Sophia Smith, has been given the Head Girl position at college, How on earth did she manage that? Has she been flashing the hem of her slip to the professor, Mr Fawcett, during the interview...what a tart!!
Added: February 6, 2020 7.02mins

Nurse Promotion

Tags: 4K, Nurse Uniform, Blondes, Brunettes, Clothes Destruction, Catfight Fetish, Lesdom, KO Ending
Nurse Helen Stephens was super shocked to hear that Maxine, who she had trained, had now been promoted above her. How did that happen? Surely Helen was in front of her when it came to dishing out pay rises and position promotions but perhaps Maxine had been using other skills to grab the bosses attention
Added: January 30, 2020 4.42mins


Tags: 4K, Brunettes, Clothes Destruction, Cat Fight Fetish, KO Ending
College tutor Siobhan Graves is very upset and disappointed in her new student, Sophia Smith,, who doesn't seem to be taking anything, especially her after class extra lessons, seriously. Its time Sophia was brought down a peg or two, time she realised that her tutor was no walk over..time to...
Added: January 23, 2020 3.37mins

Nurse Humiliation

Tags: 4K, Brunettes, Blondes, Nurse Uniform, Clothes Destruction, ENF, Cat Fight Fetish
It came out of the blue. The nurse had apologized to the patient for the delay in her appointment time but it seems there was nothing she could do to bring the anger down a level. It seemed that she may be in a spot of both as the patient became more agitated
Added: January 16, 2020 4.30mins


Tags: 4K, Blondes, Brunettes, Clothes Destruction, Cat Fight Fetish, KO Ending
Office manager Dolliiy is getting a little bit annoyed with the new temp. She considers Alicia makeup to be over the top and despite having told her this several times, it just seems to have not gotten across as Alicia continues to wear heavy, unacceptable and inappropriate makeup. It was time to settle this
Added: January 9, 2020 4.07mins


Tags: 4K, Brunettes, Clothes Destruction, Cat Fight Fetish, KO Ending
The irritated customer want seating, she is late boarding and she feels she has been let down rather badly by the duty manager of the airline front of desk staff. She storms into her office determined to get a resolution and to get boarded as soon as possible, whatever it takes
Added: January 2, 2020 5.40mins


Tags: 4K, Brunettes, Catfight Fetish, KO Ending
New girl Maxine didn't have a good word to say about Katie, also known as the 'Office Bike' and when Katie happens up Maxine on the phone talking about her in some not so pleasant terms, Katie has to react and challenges Maxine to back up her big talking with some physical action
Added: December 26, 2019 4.32mins

Office Boss Faye

Tags: 4K, Brunettes, Office Setting, Stockings, Catfight Fetish, Clothes Destruction, KO Ending
The office secretary was fairly new and she was desperate to give a good impression. She was only on a trial at the moment and her aim was to make her position a permanent appointment...but she hadn't been impressing the boss!!
Added: December 19, 2019 5.00mins

College Catfight

Tags: 4K, Brunettes, College Uniforms, Catfight, Female Wrestling, Nudity, Lesdom, KO Ending
College girls Tracy Rose and Natalia Forrest share a flat but it makes thing difficult, especially when one steals the others study book and when Tracy is on the hunt for a book she must read before the next day, she know exactly who is most likely to have it, no doubt that bitch Natalia has taken it!
Added: December 12, 2019 3.43mins

Siobhan Graves

Tags: 4K, Office setting, Catfight fetish, Female Wrestling, ENF, Clothes Destruction, KO Ending
It seems it's all kicking off in the office. Poppy seems fairly angered at the fact that the new girl, Siobhan Graves, has gotten extra time off, especially as Poppy has been asking for time off and it's been constantly refused, perhaps Siobhan is offering extras..
Added: December 5, 2019 5.00mins

Louisa Lu

Tags: 4K, Brunettes, Redheads, KO Fetish, Clothes Destruction, Catfight Fetish, Lesdom, Female Wrestling
Louisa Lou had been a lazy house share. Since she had moved in she had changed. When Kasey interviewed her for the spare room, she seemed lovely but once she had moved in, Kasey began to realize just how lazy the newbie was. She was happy to make mess but not so happy to clean it up
Added: November 28, 2019 4.17mins

Helen Stephens

Tags: 4K, Blondes, Clothes Destruction, Lesdom, Catfight Fetish, KO Fetish, Lesdom
Rebeccah Leah was due to start her shift shortly but she had time for one last cigarette at home before she had to leave. She is shocked to find the box empty and it seems rather convenient that Helen Stephens has just put a cigarette out. Was that the last of Rebeccahs box? Helen denies it of course..
Added: November 21, 2019 6.10mins

Satin Dresses

Tags: 4K, Brunettes, Satin Dresses, Catfight, Female Wrestling, Nudity, Lesdom, KO Ending
Tracy Rose is all dressed up in her long satin ball gown but they are running late and when Natalia enters, she has already called for the taxi and wants Tracy to get a move on but Tracy is delaying and is reluctant it seems to give into Natalia's pushy demands, she will be ready in her own time!
Added: November 14, 2019 4.20mins


Tags: 4K, Office Catfight, Clothes Destruction, Catfight Fetish, Lesdom, Female Wrestling
The two office secretaries are both feeling the heat on this hot summers day and it seems that Jodie Ellen has managed to get herself the prime spot in front of the fan. As she stands there, cooling down with the wind blowing over her and up her skirt, Kasey enters and attempts to shove Jodie out the way
Added: November 7, 2019 3.59mins

Rebeccah Leah

Tags: 4K, Blondes, Clothes Destruction, Lesdom, Catfight Fetish, KO Fetish, Lesdom
Helen Stephens is looking for her lottery ticket. She had won on it, not a huge amount but a nice amount that would pay for a meal out. She cant find it anywhere and she has suspicions Rebeccah may have taken it. She had just abut had enough of Rebeccah, she had form for this kind of thing
Added: October 31, 2019 6.27mins


Tags: 4K, Brunettes, Satin Blouses, Stockings, Nudity, Lesdom, KO Ending
Brook Logon is furious that her flatmate and office colleague / rival has gotten the promotion the were both after. She decides to confront her when they both get home and suggests to Anastasia that she had slept her way to the top, not an accusation that Anastasia takes lightly
Added: October 24, 2019 4.10mins

Lacy May

Tags: 4K, Blondes, Brunettes, Clothes Destruction, Catfight Fetish, Female Wrestling, Lesdom, KO Ending
The two flat mates, Lacy May and Jodie Ellen had just started house sharing but they did so on the understanding that all household chores would be shared, especially if one got home before the other so when Jodie arrives home late to find Lacy May day dreaming whilst sat on the kitchen surface, she is not pleased
Added: October 17, 2019 4.00mins

Chloe Toy

Tags: 4K, Blondes, Brunettes, Clothes Destruction, Catfight, Lesdom, KO Ending
Jess West and Chloe Toy had been staying together for a while now. they couldn't each afford their own place so they rented together and had come to a deal that whoever had gotten home first should cook dinner. It sounded like a reasonable way forward but it seems that Chloe has somewhat misinterpreted it
Added: October 10, 2019 4.07mins

Satin Dresses

Tags: 4K, Brunettes, Satin Dresses, Pantyhose, Pantyhose Catfight, Nudity, Lesdom, KO Ending
Brook Logan is absolutely furious. Just as both her and Anastasia were ready for an evening out, Anastasia spills a drink on Brooks dress. It had to be deliberate, she knew she looked so much better than her flatmate and now her dress was ruined, she was determined neither would go to the ball
Added: October 3, 2019 6.01mins

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